You can be tourists just like these two.

As if to steal a little bit of thunder away from the flashy William Vale Hotel ahead of its Sept. 6 opening (the place already has a Burning Man-inspired pool party on the books), the neighboring Wythe Hotel is offering half-price rooms to Brooklyn residents during Labor Day weekend. Which means that, as long as you can show proof of BK address, a bunk-bed room that’s normally $265 is now $132, a Brooklyn-view queen room that’s normally $325 is now $162, and a Manhattan-view king room that’s normally $465 is $232.

That’s still a chunk of change, but it’s a lot cheaper than whatever you were kidding yourself into thinking you could afford to rent in Montauk. And hey, you’ve still got a view of the water, even if it’s the East River.

Of course, even at these halved rates, it’s debatable whether a staycation in a hotel is worth it, given that Airbnb rentals are rampant in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. For $230, you can probably find an “AUTHENTIC artists loft with charming ANTIQUE COFFEE GRINDER.” But let’s face it, you’re only doing this because your parents are in town and you need a place to put them up, and it’s just too creepy thinking about them messing around with some random AirBNBer’s Sybian. So, Wythe Hotel it is.

Peep availability here and, to book, call 718-460-8000 and mention Neighbor Nights.