It’s not just the Whole Foods that’s opening later this month. Williamsburg is getting UberEATS, too. And so is Greenpoint.
A year ago, when we tried out three new food-delivery services, Uber’s vittles shuttles served just Manhattan between 14th and 59th Streets. As with Seamless, CitiBikes, and everything else that makes up modern-day New York, North Brooklyn had to wait its turn. But now the time has come: with a flex of the credit card, Williamsburg’s most discerning shut-ins can have kale salad delivered to them in as little as 10 minutes.
The folks over at UberEATS tell us that anyone in the delivery zone shown below can now use their app or website to get food ferried to them from over 40 local restaurants, listed at the bottom of this post. The delivery fee is $2.99, there’s no tipping necessary, and using the code BKTRYEATS10 on your first order gets you $10 off plus free delivery.
When we took the newly launched UberEATS for a test run a year ago, our driver canceled at the last minute, leaving us tragically sans sustenance. We tried again later and got the piping hot tiffin box you see above, in just 9 minutes. (Of course, delivery times vary from restaurant to restaurant. Right now, Van Leeuwen is promising delivery in 14 to 24 minutes while Littleneck Outpost is saying 47 to 58.
We’re told more restaurants are being added to the ones below, so you may yet realize your dream of lying in bed naked as you slurp oysters from Maison Premiere.
Agra Taj Mahal
Black Tree B.K.
Cheers Thai
Chinese Club
Concord Hill
Delaney Barbecue
Delilah’s Steaks
Drive In Sandwiches
Dun-Well Doughnuts
Juicery Kitchen
JUS by Julie
Kestane Kebab
Kings County Imperial
Little Choc Apothecary
Littleneck Outpost
Loosie’s Kitchen
Loving Hut
Mahal Kita
Mexico 2000 Restaurant
MiUSA Wine Bar
MP Taverna Brooklyn
No 7 Sub
Patisserie Tomoko
Quinoa Kitchen
Rhong Tiam Food Truck
Rosamunde Sausage Grill
Santos Anne
Selamat Pagi
The Sandwich Shop
The Squeeze
The Starlight
To Spiti
Toro Ironworks Kitchen and Bar (Formerly El Toro Taqueria)
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Wild Brooklyn