(Photo: B+B)

(Photo: B+B)

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that, starting in August (er, just in time for the end of summer), Citi Bike will be installing new docking stations for their ubiquitous, sluggish tourist-mobiles in several new zones– all over Manhattan up to 110th Street and several Brooklyn neighborhoods including, among others, Gowanus, Park Slope, and Red Hook– as well as expanding their slots in already covered areas. The announcement comes after what was Citi Bike’s “busiest year ever” in 2015, when around 100,000 annual members took more than 10 million rides.

Altogether, about 140 new docking stations will be added to the bike-share program, which will grow to more than 600 docking stations and 10,000 bikes by the end of 2016, ever-nearing the program’s goal of 12,000 bikes by 2017.

To improve density, as many as 42 of those stations will be added to existing portions of the system. The Department of Transportation will be doing the transparency thing (which seem to be a popular strategy as of late with many of the city’s transportation sectors) and discussing the new stations with impacted communities, beginning tonight at Community Board 6’s Transportation and Public Safety committee meeting (6:30 pm at 330 Smith Street), which we assure you is one of the most exciting things you can do with your Thursday night.

There’s still no telling when exactly Citi Bike will come to the Bushwick portion of the district though, as we were wondering last July. Dani Simmons, a representative from Motivate, the company that manages the Citi Bike program, explained that the expansion is “growing outward like a balloon” from original locations in Lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn (meaning– that eventually, it’s gonna blow?).  The current phase of expansion, she said, “Doesn’t quite get [them] out to Bushwick.” Wah wah. Sucks for us, we guess.

Simmons added that Citi Bike is eager to continue working with the city to expand the program in the future, but whether you’ll get your money’s worth by applying your MTA budget toward a Blue Bike Brigade membership (especially when the L train slows or shuts down) remains an unknown. The best we can do at press time is offer you an alternative via audio slideshow starring “José José” of the not-so-intuitively-named JB Auto Sale. He rents retro bikes for $10 a day at the intersection of Evergreen Avenue and Palmetto Street in Bushwick. No docking required. Sick deal, José.