via Trumpmania

via Trumpmania

While Bernie gets his own street art and gallery show and Hillary is feted with a Bushwick pantsuit competition, that other presidential candidate with New York roots has seen something of a “cultural flowering” in his own right. If you haven’t yet had a chance to “Beat up Trump” or bash a piñata of the real-estate mogul’s likeness, tonight you can head to Trumpmania, an orange-haired art exhibit and auction at 311 East Broadway where there’s “something for everyone” (yep, even Trump supporters).

It’s free to check out and enjoy the vibez, but there’s a whole lot of goodies to bid on if you’d like to make your art collection great again. There’s culturally critical pieces like a creepy oil painting of a Madonna Trump cradling baby Jeb Bush, and a poster of zombie Trump demanding that you”CON$UME.” Meanwhile Ben Garrison’s libertarian-leaning political cartoons focus more on his populist rise over the establishment, like a print portraying Trump as a dragon slayer.

"Blood Trump" by Sarah Levy.

“Blood Trump” by Sarah Levy.

Also featured in Trumpmania– or on it’s website, anyway– is “Bloody Trump,” the likeness Portland artist Sarah Levy created using menstrual blood. You may remember it from our quiz, “Who Said It: Donald Trump or Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian?”

You can keep bidding online till April 19, or just straight-up buy a 3D-printed Trump butt plug.

Butt plug by Fernando Sosa, aka Political Sculptor.

Butt plug by Fernando Sosa, aka Political Sculptor.

If you just want to make the scene, you better get on it fast– Trumpmania is in the city for one night only. It’s actually a roving exhibit traveling around the state, organized by Professor Anthony Rotolo, whose speciality is the intersection of pop culture, social media and politics.

Ben Garrison via Trumpmania

By Ben Garrison via Trumpmania

Bidding prices start at $150, to $2,700–but what’s that for a piece of the Donald legacy? This could be worth a lot of money one day people…this could be YUGE!

Trumpmania, 311 E. Broadway (Second Floor). April 15, 7PM-10:30 PM,