unnamedWhile you wait a year for the next Bushwick Open Studios, here’s something to tide you over. On August 22, Greenpoint’s Morgan Fine Arts Building will, for the thirteenth year, open its doors so you can explore five floors of art studios. This year’s featured artist is Jack Early, who comprised half of the provocative ’80s art duo Pruitt-Early. His partner Rob Pruitt famously went on to lay down a “cocaine buffet” on the floor of an art gallery. So, what’s Early been up to? Find out by viewing “Jack Early’s Life Story in Just Under 20 Minutes,” on display Sunday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

If you’re shy about butting into other people’s work, an open wine and beer bar will nudge you right into the 20 studios on view. Keep an eye out for the work of Ebru Yildiz, whose photographs you’ve seen right here on Bedford + Bowery, via The Regulars.

The 100-plus-year-old building at 649 Morgan Avenue, between Nassau and Norman, should be a site on its own — from 1941 to 1965, L. Buchman Co. manufactured bedding products there, supplying the army during World War II as well as Admiral Byrd’s expedition to the South Pole. It’s in a somewhat remote location, but there’ll be free shuttle service to the Bedford L and Nassau G stations via 917-747-0348.

Here’s a list of other artists who’ll be showing off work in the genres of painting, sculpture, silk screening, jewelry, illustration, film, photography, animation, and ceramics.

The Black City Group

Cheryl Molnar

Constanza Moyana-Schmidt

Daniel Maidman

Darcy Briks

Ebru Yildiz & Mitchell King / Brooklyn Grain

Ed Heck

Edwin Vera

Elias Gurrola

Graham Pollack

I Still Love You NYC

Jim D’Amato

Laura Lombardi

Lee O’Connor

Linda Smyth

Love Child Studios

Mojo Video Tech

Paul O’Connor

Sebastien Coles

Stephanie Swart

Tyrone Christopher

You And Yours Fine Vintage