(Photo: Jaime Cone).

Owner Fawzy Abdelwahed with a customer on Friday. (Photo: Jaime Cone).

If you aren’t among the many kasha cravers who’ve flocked to B&H Dairy since its reopening Friday, here’s a fun chance to do so: Andy Reynolds, a neighbor who’s been managing the crowd-funding campaign for the East Village diner, tells us there’ll be a welcome-back party — complete with cakes, coffee and challah — this Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The restaurant is putting its chairs and tables in the basement in order to squeeze in as many supporters as possible, and Florence Bergson Goldberg, daughter of the original owners, will be on hand to reminisce about the place’s history. B&H reopened Friday, but according to its crowdfunding campaign, “it’ll be many months, perhaps years, before they are able to financially recover from the closure.” The “Save B&H” fundraiser, which had raised $27,862 and was set to expire today, has just been extended so it can reach its $30,000 goal.