Wednesday, July 29 at 5pm, X Marks the Lot, 39 Knickerbocker Ave., Bushwick; $7 suggested donation
The invite to this mini retreat in JunXion’s new “summertime space” promises tarot readings, gem crystal healing, a circle ceremony aimed at “healing with sounds and words,” and sessions on “Finding Your Spirit Animal” and “How to Be a Superhero.” Oh, there will also be “body-melting massages,” though in today’s weather, pretty much anything is body-melting.

Luna Luna Market & Day Drinks
Sunday, Aug. 2, 2pm to 5pm at Kings County Saloon, 1 Knickerbocker Ave., Bushwick
The folks at Luna Luna, a feminist blog focusing on witchraft (sample posts: “5 Very Common Myths About Witchcraft” and “Sex & Tarot”) are putting on this “intimate small market of witchy & wonderful things.” Among the vendors are Magick Hamster, which makes Shakespeare-themed “love lotion” that’s “left under the new moon with a hand painted rune on the bottle.” If that doesn’t read like the back of a Dr. Bronner’s bottle to you, then you’ll want to head to Kings County Saloon for tarot card readings, reiki sessions, and poetry readings. Even if you’re not into the witchy stuff, there’ll be brutally honest t-shirts from from Brutalhonestees, vintage duds, artwork and a lot more.