If you missed Applesauce when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, here’s your second chance to watch Onur Tukel’s film involving sex and dismembered body parts (not together). The Aug. 18 screening will kick off Nitehawk’s newly announced series, Local Color, featuring shorts, animated features, documentaries and narrative films from up-and-coming NYC filmmakers (naturally, there will also be Q&As).

Applesauce tracks the aftermath of Ron (Tukel)’s decision to call into a radio show to reveal the worst act he ever committed. Following the confession, the foundation of his marriage cracks and a mysterious someone starts sending him body parts. According to Variety“With its sarcastic dialogue, deadpan humor, believably flawed characters and surreal logic, Applesauce may expand Tukel’s growing indie fan base into niche release.”

YoungBodiesThe blood keeps flowing at Local Color’s second installment, Young Bodies Heal Quickly. Andrew T. Betzer’s film follows Older (Gabriel Croft, Fake It So Real) as he escapes jail to find his little brother Younger. They then “accidentally” kill a young girl. The New York Times says this makes for “one curious, and furious, escapade,” and another review agrees that it’s an “arresting road trip,” even if it ends up taking “its sweet time going nowhere in particular.” Watch it to see who wins the title of craziest in this family of antiheroes. Is it the mother who gives the boys a get-away car? the sister who doesn’t want them around? or the father who takes them into the woods to reenact battles in the Vietnam War? When a fight ensues between father and sons it becomes unclear where the line is between pretend and reality.

Applesauce shows on Aug. 18 at 7:30 pm and Young Bodies Heal Quickly on Sept. 22 at 7:30 pm. Screenings take place at Nitehawk Cinema; $15 per ticket.