Welcome back to IRL. Here’s to hoping you had a good one being equal parts proud to live in a country where you don’t have to think too hard about what went into your readily available Apple phone and palm oil snacks, and all “pshhh” about the whole affair. We’re also fingers-crossed that you didn’t go too DIY on fireworks after a failed reconnaissance mission ‘cross the Pennsylvania border (really, you gotta know a guy to get anything close to decent fireworks ’round these parts)– because fingers and toes are maybe more valuable than even the most awe-inducing homemade mortar blast or Roman candle to your unsuspecting friend’s face. In the interest of such things, maybe you didn’t get your kicks, but fear not, there are better, much safer ways to get your thrills via rock n’ roll. Take this week to scoot your butt to some shows and allow yourself to revel. Believe us, it’ll make up at least a little bit for this increasingly less-explosive holiday.

Nude Beach, Outer Spaces, MPHO, Rips

After coming down from all the manic energy (or whatever else was helping you out) that fueled this holiday weekend, you might be looking for a straightforward rock show to jam on. Perhaps you’re feeling too restless to relax at home with some tea or something lame? Well, head to this Monday night show and ease off the fun. And there’s no better show to help you slip slide into normalcy again than a straightforward rock n’ roll show like this one.

First, get excited for easy on the ears kind-meaning rock from Rips and the equally chill rock vibes brought to you by Nude Beach, two Brooklyn bands that are continuing the tradition of indie rock fuzz guitar worship. But one act will prove to be out of the ordinary. MPHO brings together Mark Perro of The Men (Brooklyn-based post-punk band that’s become pretty much a given here putting a lot of stuff out since 2008, most recently on Sacred Bones) and Holly Overton (lol get it?) of Juniper Rising (known for their haunting Western harmonies). Should be an interesting combo. Outer Spaces will lighten the load with their QT brand of indie pop. Monday July 6th, 8:30 pm at Silent Barn: $10 

The Men, Honey, Junk Boys, Red Dawn II

Speaking of The Men, the rest of the crew will join Perro at Silent Barn over the weekend for a thrashier lineup that proves weird punk (not hardcore, guys, we know that’s carrying on like wildfire) ain’t dead in this city. Accompanying them is Honey, another local band that proves a certain noisy brand of garage punk is alive and well in Brooklyn. We’ll also be treated to an appearance from Junk Boys, a jangly psych-rock group, who just cut a self-titled lil’ tape last month, copies of which you can only pick up at their shows. Cross your fingers they made more, looks like they only dubbed 100 of those babies.

First but certainly not least is the evening’s opening band, Red Dawn II, spittle-blasting, delightfully slapdash punk. Good luck finding their tapes anywhere else but their shows– we’ve certainly had trouble– so if you’re a tape head, bring cash, lest you be disappointed. Check out their superb live set for WFMU over neeya. Saturday July 11th, 8 pm at Silent Barn: $8 


Ivy, Slugga, Nurse, Nandas

Damn was I excited when someone handed me this nearly indecipherable flyer at a recent punk show. Much like local punk band Ivy, the flyer is pretty hard to decode. The band seems to be intentionally enigmatic, which lord knows makes them more intriguing. They don’t appear to have any social media. Searches turn up some not-so-great indie trio also hailing from our humble city. Not to mention Ivy is JUST about to put out a new 7″ inch on Katorga Works– we’re talking tomorrow–  um, that will run you $100 or more if you want to buy a digital copy right this second.

But seriously, we’ve been waiting a while for this one since they released their superb self-titled LP last summer. Simple solution: even if you attended the one a couple weeks back get to this show and pick up a copy of A Cat’s Cause, No Dog Problem straight from the, er, cat-dog’s mouth. Check out the new track Cave Business below and get ready for nasty times. Also, they’re leaving on tour so don’t nap on this one.

Get equally as excited for the touring bands on the bill. Slugga are a band of brat-faced punks out of Atlanta who play loud, fast, and filthy. Nurse is indeed a misleading name for Slugga’s Atlanta neighbors, their hardcore is absolutely brutal stuff, steeped in a love for thrash metal with no patience for the requisite cheese whiz usually topping that particle genre. All of the meat sauce and none of the bland noodle. Wednesday July 8th, 8 pm at Don Pedro: $8 at the door 


Total Slacker, California X, Hound 

What is it about laid back garage rock and summer time? This sound just feel so right at the moment, and Total Slacker embraces this particular sound better than most Brooklyn-born bands we can rattle off. Pair them with a metal-informed indie rock group from Amherst, California X– the guitar player’s name is legit Lemmy– and you’ve got a happy-go-lucky summer sizzler worth sippin’.

If you’ve never had the chance to see late 70’s-era Black Sabbath, then Hound will suffice as a nice not-exactly-knockoff cover band, but pretty close. The Philly band’s riffs may sound strikingly familiar at times, but they’re adept musicians clearly out to spread good times so we can’t hate on em. Friday July 10th, 8 pm at Baby’s All Right: $10