(Photo: Slackgaze)

(Photo: Slackgaze)

Northside’s over, and we trust that you made like either a baby or an old person and wore earplugs to every damn one of those million or so shows to protect your ear hairs, mockery be damned. But look who’s laughing now? Instead of having to shout “WHAT?” at absolutely everyone this week, you’ve got room for more shows. We’ll be honest though, this lineup isn’t gonna be much quieter at all. In fact, dare we say at least some of these shows we’ve selected for this week’s Good Shows, will be way, way louder than anything you saw last week. So maybe this time around get yourself some good looking ear plugs? Fashion them out of cotton balls, or perhaps bananas to save yourself some cash? Whatever you do, deal with it somehow– and hey, the Presidential campaigns are picking up speed, so you’re going to need them like what come fall– but most of all do it coz we’ve got a whole other fest for you to attend (with 30 plus bands and cheap, cheap, cheap– we promise), a night of legendary punk and indie players, and the return of one local hardcore band we haven’t seen nearly enough of.


(Photo: Issue Project Room)

(Photo: Issue Project Room)

Dead Moon, J Mascis, Borbetomagus, Das Audit

I’m actually crying at my desk right now because I won’t be able to make this show. Though lucky for me, I’ve had the privilege of seeing Pierced Arrows once. That band is consists of two parts of Dead Moon with Toody and Fred Cole, but with Kelly Halliburton as the drummer (a Portland-based punk musician with really quite lovely locks) in place of Andrew Loomis. Their particular brand of Pacific Northwest folk punk has way more in common with weirdo Midwest punk than the NYC punk scene, so if you’re not familiar, definitely keep an open mind. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t be well acquainted by now because these guys are walking legends. 

Back in 2014 Fred encountered some heart problems, according to the Pierced Arrows site, he underwent some “major surgery” and spent almost an entire year in recovery. But this spring, Fred got back on his feet with Pierced Arrows for a European tour and shortly after, Dead Moon reunited after eight years apart (the band originally formed back in 1987). But just a few days ago, Fred and Toody Cole announced that Andrew Loomis had encountered “unforeseen health issues” and would not be able to perform. Though Kelly Halliburton will fill in, and the band will still play as Dead Moon.

Even though we’re essentially getting Pierced Arrows as Dead Moon, it’s seriously impressive how long these guys have been doing their thing. Way back in in 2006, Fred announced the band was retiring, which led a lot of people to believe he and Toody were hanging up their boots. But they continued on, and their longevity was not longer surprising to me after I saw Toody perform at the Pierced Arrows show in Austin years back. She’s nothing short of a total badass, and at 66, definitely the matriarch of female rock n’ roll badassery. Do not miss your chance to see her and the rest of the band live.

And while Dead Moon is more than enough reason to check out this show, J Mascis is also headlining. And all this in a rather unusual setting– Pioneer Works in Red Hook. Saturday, June 20, 6 pm at Pioneer Works, Red Hook: $26


We couldn’t think of a better name for this festival ourselves. And what’s more appealing on a hot summer weekend than slowly slugging your way toward Slackfest? But wait, this fest is run by the online zine Slackgaze. It in turn is run by a self-proclaimed slacker known as Professor W.J. Slack., who spotlights DIY creations– be it music, art, what have you– made by people of color (including our pals from Throw Vision). In the truest sense of a fest, Slackfest spans three days and includes dozens of performers doing their thing at two venues, Nola Darling (in Chelsea) and Silent Barn.

Variety is key. There’s Kala (of Kala and the Lost Tribe), an NYC-based emcee whose uplifting rhymes are preoccupied with living in the moment but with a large footnote of cultural criticism, social justice, and equality. Heavy stuff to lay over chilled out, ’90s-influenced instrumentals and beats– bells, gongs, drums, pianos, xylophones make each song a orchestral, groovy exercise in balance. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, there’s twisted punk from Spewing Cum. Something for the whole family.

In terms of bang for your buck (no pun intended re aforementioned band), this fest is where it’s at. For just $15 you get an unlimited 3-day pass. Friday, June 19 through Sunday, June 21 at Nola Darling (Chelsea) and Silent Barn (Bushwick): $10 per day, $15 for all three

(Photo: AdHoc)

(Photo: AdHoc)

Gun Outfit, Ivy, Ornament, Laced

Ivy (the punk band– we implore you not to confuse with these guys with the “American indie rock band” of the same name, yeesh) issued a demo tape back in 2013, followed by their first LP in 2014 on local hardcore/punk label Katorga Works. And for a minute after they released their S/T raucous, less-than-20-minutes-long scream-shred-bash-bash-bash fest, we had em right where we wanted em. But save for one show last fall, we’re all like where have they been? Well, members are wrapped up in some other bands, sure, but Ivy fans are about to be spoiled as hell, as the band’s got two shows coming right up. And tbh, you should probably try to make BOTH of these shows (the second one, which is going down next week at the Acheron, we’ll highlight in full later, so stay tuned). We promise you’re gonna catch some very different vibes.

Headlining this week’s show is Gun Outfit, a rock band from LA with a penchant for swing-sway melodies and weepy Western guitars. Though appealing, none of these things would set them apart much, however we’re really, really down with the male-female vocal play they dabble in. It’s no Lee and Nancy, that’s for sure, but they’re on to something.

LACED is a band that we’re just going to have take a wild guess is a fun one. They don’t have any recordings just yet (although they DO have QT band photos on their Facebook!), at least on the old interwebs– and they’ve been at it for a whole year, frown face– but this band includes members of Beach Fossils and Nude Beach, which bodes well. Also, they shared the stage with the likes of Parquet Courts, Tyvek, and Perfect Pussy. Friday, June 19, 8 pm at Trans Pecos: $10


And yes, it’s summer so we’re more tolerant of catchy pop tunes than usual– that’s because we’re still looking for our summer jam. That one song, or if we’re real lucky, that one album that we return to over and over again. And depending upon your musical persuasion, Oberhofer– the solo project of Brad Oberhofer (who’s got a voice like Brandon Flowers)– might have crafted a worthy contender. And if you’re stuck in the city, sans backyard to BBQ in, then where oh where will you try out your summer jams? Well, you can start at the Oberhofer show at Elvis Guesthouse, which kind of feels like a giant ’80s bathtub anyway and when it’s a boiling 90 degrees or whatever, a bathtub isn’t the worst place you could be. In short, get your bubbly, fuzzy pop fix at this mid-week show. Wednesday, June 17, 7 pm at Elvis Guest House: $5

Hot Sugar, Crying, Yung Gutted

What happens when you throw together a gentle, stoned, minimal fill-in-the-blank electronic wave musician (Hot Sugar) with a really promising producer known for his syrupy, dark as hell slow-burners (Yung Gutted) and power pop with psychotic tendencies (Crying)? Well, first of all you get to see the breadth of some truly exciting new music coming out of Brooklyn, none of which, by the way falls into the category of “‘indie” anything– all this is much too daring for any of that. And secondly, who knows what? One thing you can count on is that this Union Pool show is going to be quite the banger.

We’re super drawn to Yung Gutted, who we’ve kept our eye on over the past year. He’s got a spooky vibe on New York City, and a taste for hyper-stylized videos and beats, all the while keeping things nothing short of catchy. Talk about summer jams. Saturday, June 20, 2 pm at Union Pool: FREE