11077435_10153202667232591_107107877493113205_oWith Game of Thrones crossed off the list, what fine bit of television will the burlesque world lambast next? That would be Bob’s Burgers, which’ll get skewered on Saturday during the opening weekend of Burlesque at the Beach. The Great Fredini and Bambi invite you to “See all the Belchers’ butts, and then some!” And if that sounds appealing, tickets are $15 online or at the door.

But here’s what we’re really pscyhed about: the folks behind Bayside! The Musical!, the ridiculously raunchy send-up of Saved By the Bell that will end its run at Theatre 80 in August, have a new one cooking. And it promises to be amazing. The next show from writer/director/musical miscreants Bob and Tobly McSmith is a parody of Full House. Yep. Full House! The Musical!, as you can see from the press release below, will follow Danny Tanner as he devolves into Bob Saget (and definitely not the America’s Funniest Home Videos Bob Saget), and it promises to answer such questions as “Will Kimmy Gibbler be murdered?” If you have a twin fetish, we’re guessing this show will pander to it.

Check out the announcement, which tells you everything you need to know. Except, of course, whether there’ll be any guest stars. The Saved By the Bell send-up featured drop-ins from Dustin Diamond and Mr. Belding, so here’s hoping Saget himself graces this one with his presence. Lord knows it would be funnier than whatever the Full House guys did on Jimmy Fallon.

Full House! The Musical! is the unauthorized musical parody of the ABC’s Friday Night Family Sitcom “Full House”!  Starting on September 7thFull House! The Musical! will be performed ThursdayFriday, and Saturday at 8:00 PM at Theatre 80. Full House is the heartwarming story of widowed Father whose best friend and brother-in-law move in to help him raise his three daughters. Every episode of Full House serves to remind you that no matter how unconventional the Tanner family is – they will always be better than your family.

In Full House! The Musicalthe Tanner family patriarch, Danny, loses his super power of solving any problem with his sensible Dad Speeches (complete with soft piano accompaniment). Follow Danny’s wacky and hilarious descent into madness as he slowly turns from wholesome Danny Tanner to foul-mouthed and dark Bob Saget. Will he get his Dad Speech power back in time to save his family? Probably not!


Full House! The Musical! will answer all your burning questions:

Will D.J Tanner develop an eating disorder?!
Can Uncle Joey get on Star Search even though he’s not funny at all?!
Who will have mercy on Uncle Jessie?!
Will Kimmy Gibbler be murdered?
How many catchphrases can one family have?!
What the hell is a Mary-Kate and Ashley?!

You’ll be clapping and singing along to these catchy tunes:

“This House is Too Full” – Tanner Family/Comet the Dog
“Have Mercy on My Heart/Don’t Touch the Hair” – Uncle Jessie/Rebecca Donaldson
“Our Family is Better Than Your Family” – Tanner Family
“Look at These Assholes” – Comet the Dog
“There’s No Gays in San Francisco (As Demonstrated by the TV Show)” – The Boys
“Dad Speech (I’m a F*cking Superhero)” – Danny Tanner
“I’m Kind of a Slut (But Just Enough for Network TV)” – D.J Tanner
“Kimmy Gibbler Don’t Give a F*ck” – Kimmy Gibbler/Comet the Dog

Full House! The Musical! features book, music, lyrics and direction by Bob and Tobly McSmith (Bayside! The Musical!, Showgirls! The Musical!, JonBenet! Murder Mystery Theater!). The choreography is by Jason Wise (“Fiddler at 50” at Symphony Space, Michael John LaChiusa’s See What I Wanna See at The Producers Club), who also serves as associate director. Scenic design is by Bryan Hartlett. Costume design is by Shamira Clark. Lighting design is by Adam Lash. Sound design is by Lauren Vargas.

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Tickets are $30. To purchase, log onto www.FullHouseTheMusical.com or visit the Theatre 80 box office. Theatre 80 is located at 80 St. Mark’s Place at First Avenue. By subway, take the 6 to Astor Place, the N/R to 8th Street or the L to First Avenue