Leo Fitzpatrick, the Lower East Side actor who played a street kid in Kids and, hilariously, a street adult in the Broad City finale, just created a pin that’ll strike a chord with anyone who saw the terrifying documentary Among the Believers at Tribeca Film Festival this week (or, for that matter, anyone who’s read the news lately). The “NO GODS, NO WARS” pin, a collaboration with Sin Amor, is one in a series of five that are now going for $20 each at The Gift Shop. The art-object store was launched last month by Alldayeveryday (who did The Newsstand at the Lorimer stop) in conjunction with Red Bull Studios, where it’s located.

Fitzpatrick said in a statement that he made the pin because “I don’t believe in religion or war or wars over religion… Fighting over words written thousands of years ago in today’s society makes no sense to me… Oh well, what do I know?”

Amen to that?

Last night, we hit up a launch party attended by some of the other artists who were tapped by Alldayeverday’s Othelo Gervacio to create the pins (Gervacio, Jason Rodman and VIZIE are also featured). That gave us the opportunity to peep The Gift Shop, a modest corner nook that very much resembles the gift shop at The Standard High Line, where we recently checked out Rostarr’s stuff. Among the cheekier items: erotic plates by Conie Vallese, hi-top-shoe flowerpots by Wyatt Little, and some rogue taxidermy by Atelier les Deux Garcons. 

While surveying the objects, we bumped into Mukunda Angulo, the unspoken leader of the seven brothers profiled in the fantastic Tribeca Film Festival documentary The WolfpackNot going to lie, we went full fanboy on him, but he declined to be interview on the spot, instead referring us to his “press handler.” After years of living in near isolation inside a Lower East Side housing project, who can blame the guy? He did, however, reveal that he’s currently working at Alldayeveryday. Not a bad place to land.

There’ll be more collaborations and product launches at The Gift Shop down the road. In the meantime, if you want to show everyone that you’re Among the Non-Believers, you can snag the “NO GODS, NO WARS” pin during the store’s opening hours, Thursday through Sunday from noon to 7pm. The Gift Shop is located at 220 West 18th Street.