Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 2.48.42 PMIf you thought the loss of subway service and Subway sandwich service was the extent of the nightmare in Williamsburg, think again: not only will the Bedford and Lorimer stops be without late-night and weekend L train service until May 18, but this Thursday, the problem will be compounded by Citi Bike repairs.

Citi Bike just announced that, as part of a system overhaul, it’s tweaking all of its 332 stations in order to make docking “easier and more reliable.” That’s a good thing, but it means that from 8pm to 8am Thursday night, each of the following Williamsburg stations will be closed at some point for repairs:

S 5 Pl & S 4 St
Broadway & Berry St
S 4 St & Wythe Ave
S 3 St & Bedford Ave
Grand St & Havemeyer St
Metropolitan Ave & Bedford Ave
Wythe Ave & Metropolitan Ave

Citi Bike assures customers that “only a few stations will be closed at any one time and no station will be unavailable for more than a few hours at a time.” Still, if you were planning to cope with the L shutdown by taking a night-time Citi Bike ride from Manhattan to Williamsburg or vice versa, expect some hiccups and check the Citi Bike app or online map for up-to-the-minute availability.

Until May 18, the L train will be down from 11:30pm to 5am on weekdays and pretty much around the clock on weekends. If you don’t want to mess with Citi Bike (remember kids, buzzed biking is drunk biking) here are your other options on weekdays and weekends.