If you missed our screening of three new episodes of High Maintenance, chill – we’re still giving away passcodes to watch the episodes for free online. Just sign up for B+B’s newsletter (via the form below) by noon tomorrow. We’ll be picking 10 random winners by the end of the day.

Once you’ve watched the episodes (which can also be purchased or rented from Vimeo, ya cheapskate), check out the q&a that followed Friday’s screening. Bedford + Bowery contributor Anna Silman (currently deputy entertainment editor at Salon) spoke to creators Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld about fighting insecurity, striking a balance between drama and comedy, the possibility of a French version (Haute Maintenance) and maybe a cross-country adventure for The Guy, their talent for portraying “media assholes,” the yoga teacher and “most obnoxious person ever” who inspired one episode, an episode that was based on their move to Ditmas Park (“yup, we fucked up,” Sinclair admitted), and how Sinclair wishes he could channel The Guy when the Q train is messed up.

They also discuss a new episode that “directly reflects our complicated feelings about marijuana,” per Blichfeld. (“It doesn’t help that since we’ve started being so upfront about how much we smoke that everyone likes us a little more,” Sinclair added.) And they reveal that The Guy is an “idealized version” of Sinclair who was created in part because Blichfeld, an Emmy-winning casting director, wanted her husband to score better roles. “He would keep getting called in for these auditions that were for very angry, edgy criminal types,” she said. “But I felt like a lot of people were missing the sweet part of Ben.”

So has the success of this widely beloved show helped Sinclair get callbacks? Find out by watching the video.

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