Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.45.55 AMWhen the Times published its latest installment of “The Hunt” with the headline “In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Room for a Baby,” you just knew the “go back to Tribeca” crowd was going to come out in full force. The story of the couple behind Spanish Hipster trying to use some inherence money to “get out of the city” and ditch their cramped, $3,600-a-month studio in Union Square for a sensible $1.5 million condo in Williamsburg was clearly an act of trolling, or it wouldn’t have started with quotes like “Brooklyn is not New York; it is so far away from everything.”

We’re told the couple found a $1.395 million pad on Havemeyer Street whose sellers “had perfect taste, parallel to our own,” but the bloggers’ plan to “architect it out and make it work” fell through when they lost it to someone else — presumably the couple behind Anyway, the hunt goes on from there, to the chagrin of pretty much every New Yorker who doesn’t have cruising-for-condos money. The most exasperated reactions below.