Some of our favorite institutions, parties, and performances are celebrating big milestones in the next days. Why not join in the festivities?

Third Street Music School Settlement Celebrates its 120th Year
Jan. 15 from 6-8 p.m., Washburn Gallery at 20 West 57th St., Midtown
The nation’s oldest community music school, founded in 1894 in order to bring music education and social services to Lower East Side immigrants, is celebrating its 120th anniversary with a performance by a quartet that features faculty members Neal Kirkwood and Gaku Takanashi and almuni Ryan Park Chan and Andrew Chow. They’ll be joined by a couple of the school’s 5,000 all-ages students, more than 75 percent of which get financial aid or low-cost instruction.


Oh! You Pretty Things, 5th Anniversary
Jan. 18 at 9 pm at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St., Greenwich Village; tickets $10-$20.
“Oh! You Pretty Things,” a glam-rock tribute in the form of a variety show orchestrated by modern-day glam legend Michael T et. al., is once again throwing its annual birthday tribute to Elvis and David Bowie. If you missed Bowieball, make up for it by watching Michael T and the Vanities as well as This Ambitious Orchestra as they perform hits by The King and The Thin White Duke. There’ll also be burlesque, DJ sets, and more. If you need motivation, above is a gif of Bowie’s ch-ch-changes over the years.

6-year-anniversary-warhol2-01282015How I Learned’s 6th Anniversary Show
Jan. 28 at 8pm at Union Hall, 702 Union St., Park Slope; tickets $6 in advance, or $10 at the door
The sixth anniversary of this quirky storytelling series will feature a “special, fittingly funny and heartful tribute” to the late Taylor “That Guy” Negron, the ubiquitous character actor who died of cancer last week. “It feels unfathomable,” says his friend, series founder Blaise Allysen Kearsley. “But on the upside of devastation, he’s been trending lately, which he’d find hilarious.” This installment features actor/journalist Alex Gallafent, playwright and comedian Joel Kim Booster, and writers Jen Snow, Adam Wilson and Cammi Climaco.

BAYSIDE+FRONT“Bayside! The Musical!”, 200th Show
Week of Jan. 21 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at 8pm at Theatre 80, 80 St. Marks Pl., East Village; tickets $25-$35.
This hilariously raunchy send-up of “Saved By the Bell” has brought plenty of surprises over the course of its 200 shows, including cameos by some of SBTB’s original cast members. This series of shows may well lure repeat visitors with “deleted scenes” such as “The Death of Screech!”, “The Impregnation of Kelly KaPOWski!”, “Dustin Diamond’s Bar Fight Reenactment!”, “The Death of Mr. Belding!”, and more.