Nearly a year after we caught it at Sundance, Desiree Akhavan’s first film, Appropriate Behavior, is finally hitting theaters.

The red-carpet premiere will be at Lincoln Center on Jan. 6, with the theatrical release to follow January 16 at IFC Center.

Since the Sundance screening of the film about a young, bisexual Brooklynite on the rebound, the buzz around its Iranian-American director and star has only grown: Lena Dunham called the film “audacious and funny and unique” and tapped Akhavan to play one of Hannah’s classmates at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop on the upcoming season of Girls. After which Akhavan landed on Cosmopolitan‘s list of “10 Stars Who Are Going to Be Huge in 2015.” Last month her screenplay was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

After you’ve watched the new trailer for the film, which was shot partly in Bushwick, revisit our writeup to hear Akhavan’s thoughts on shooting in the McKibbin lofts.