(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Last month we got a little snitty that, due to the head shaking of Community Board 3, a rotisserie chicken joint was taking over San Loco’s former nook on Avenue A instead of a wine bar and cafe from team Spotted Pig. But now that TakeMeHome has opened, we have to admit: there’s something to be said for being able to take home a slow-roasted chicken for $11.

And we’re not just saying that because, when we stopped in, they were nice enough to give a random customer an entire bird for the price of a half.

TakeMeHome opened over the weekend with a pretty serious-looking rotisserie in its window. Basically, the place is to roasted chicken what Big Arc, over on First Ave, is to grilled chicken — though the sides are considerably less exotic.

If you’re too broke to leave the city over Thanksgiving and don’t have someone else’s dinner to glom on to, this might be where you get your whole bird. Or it might be where you score fourth-meal for the PATH ride home. Whatever.

When we asked if the chicken was done Peruvian style, the counterman, Dmitry, shrugged, “No, it’s not Peruvian style. It’s home-style. TakeMeHome style!” It’s slow-roasted with a mix of garlic, pepper and spices, and comes with the option of a garlicky white sauce or hot sauce.

Check out the menu. Delivery is coming soon.

Rotisserie Chicken
Whole chicken – $11
Half chicken – $6
Quarter white + side – $8
Quarter dark + side – $7

Family dinner – $25
Chicken + 4 sides + large house salad

Rotisserie Jumbo Wings
3 wings – $4
6 wings – $8
12 wings – $14
Signature sauce, white creamy, red spicy

Hot Sandwiches
Chicken Ciabatta – $8
Chicken pita – $5

Sides & Salads
Pan-roasted baby potatoes (rosemary & garlic) – $4
Green beans – $3
Sweet corn – $3
Steamed vegetables – $4
White rice – $3
House salad – $4 (add chicken $2.50)
Coleslaw – $4

TakeMeHome Rotisserie Chicken, 151 Avenue A, nr. E. 10th St., 212-228-0428