(Photo: Angelo Fabara)

(Photos: Angelo Fabara)

When YouTube opened one of its public production facilities in Los Angeles, the head of the project cited CBGBs as the sort of community hub they were trying to create. “We like to say the new Debbie Harry will meet the next Ramones here and a great partnership will be born,” he told FT. Now a fourth YouTube Space has opened in New York with elements of the actual CBGB in place.


A couple of weeks ago, YouTube attorney John Flippen ‘grammed a photo of the original CBs phone booth, saying it had been delivered to his office. That’s just the start of it: a tipster who, last night, attended the launch of YouTube Space on the sixth floor of Chelsea Market said portions of the CBs walls were on display there. And he sent the photos to prove it.


One studio had a large CBGB logo on the window and actual pieces of the original wall,” said our spy. “There was a faux punk rocker walking around, like a Halloween-costume version of a punk rock caricature.” (We’d call that disrespectful, but we were GG Allin for Halloween.)


By the looks of an Instragam shot posted by cinematographer Bob Geile, the CBs cash register is also in the studio.


Our tipster told us there was also a faux Andy Warhol circulating at the party. His throwback digital camera allowed attendees to take “screen tests” in front of a Factory-esque aluminum-foil backdrop. (There’s a similar one at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.) 

IMG_5839According to YouTube, users with at least 5,000 subscribers can book the space’s sound stages, sets, and equipment. It will also host happy hours and workshops.

It’s uncertain just how long the wall will be up. Hopefully it’ll still be there during the next public happy hour, on Nov. 20.

After CBs closed in 2006, owner Hilly Kristal had the club dismantled piece by piece. In 2012, The Local East Village got a look at some of the artifacts — including, yes, the urinals — as they were shipped from a storage facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to Savannah, Georgia for the CBGB movie.

Here’s an interview with musician David Guetta inside of Studio B, as the CBs room is being called.