1780148_791066680955463_6505091718767099592_o-280x128Despite going to the trouble of making a super Brooklyn-y promo video, the market that had hoped to bring Brooklyn makers to Soho during the holiday season has decided to delay its launch. BrooklynXchange posted the following message, informing followers that it was “unable to curate a full compliment of traders that reflect the values of what the BrooklynXchange is to be.”

Ah, well. If you want to shop for Brooklyn bric-a-brac (Brook-a-brac?) in Manhattan, you’ll have to wait till Nov. 20 for the Union Square Holiday Market, which has announced a lineup that includes Brooklyn Charm, Brooklyn Slate, Kombucha Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brew Shop, Handmade in Brooklyn, Kings County Jerky and many others.

We have had an extraordinary turn out and worked through the weekend reviewing the many applications received. We’d like to thank all those that have shared our vision and have reached out to participate in the BrooklynXchange.

As we have tried to convey, the BrooklynXchange is more than a market – it is a partnership – a collective community of Brooklyn based traders with a shared vision of who we are and what it means to represent our home. Our goal has and continues to be the vision of highlighting the best of what Brooklyn offers. Despite the volume of extraordinary applicants, our unique and distinctive focus, see Qualifications & Criteria, has forced us to decide who in fact do we want to be? A venue where traders are more than just revenue, a market where we, the operator, shares in the interests of each blossoming business and partner with our Traders where we can offer the greatest opportunity for each to showcase who they are, For us the objective is more than making money. It is sharing our vision of what can be. That said, we, unfortunately, have been unable to curate a full compliment of traders that reflect the values of what the BrooklynXchange is to be.

We sincerely believe the BrooklynXchange to be a worthy endeavor and have read wonderful stories of how Brooklyn has played a role in the birth of many of our applicants. We look forward to being part of each of their stories as these Traders continue to write their story. The BrooklynXchange will reemerge, as we write, we are laying out plans to organize a Spring offering. We intend to reach out to each of the traders we’ve brought on and we believe fit our model so as we can enlist their advice as to how we collectively can ensure the BrooklynXchange not only goes forth, but succeeds. Please visit our website subscribe to our email newsletter, to stay up to date. Thank you so very much!