Hey we’re back! And unless our senses betray us it seems we’ve survived Halloween. Time to scrub off all that costume blood and make way for the real stuff. It will surely be pouring out of your ears if you make it to any of these shows this weekend and beyond.

Burnt Skull at Death By Audio
I could’t think of a more apt name for this Austin-based band — their stuff is two parts black metal, one part sloshed out punk. Their first LP, Sewer Birth, was highly acclaimed in the music blogosphere and for good reason — it’s probably the most depraved distortion I’ve heard in quite a while. The “unhinged” Rhode Islanders of Doomsday Student will be releasing their record this evening, too, so shit’s bound to hit the fan. The White Mice, also from Providence, are headlining and Brooklyn regulars Necking will also be providing guests with pleasant sounds. Saturday, Nov. 8 at 8pm; tickets, $8 at the door

Grifters at Glasslands

This ’90s indie rock band from Memphis recently reunited after having spent almost a decade apart. They’ll be tearing it up, or maybe just throwing out their hips and losing their hearing aids, at Glasslands tonight with Detroit’s Turn To Crime. HA! Get it? It’s because they’re old dudes. JK — we’re sure Grifters will be real great. Friday, Nov. 7 at 7 pm, Glasslands; tickets, $15-18


Get nasty under the J train at this late night dance party happening this weekend at Palisades. Beats and bass brought to you by AdHoc and Purple Tape Pedigree. There’ll be mad DJ sets by ~electronic artists~ like Champion (UK), False Witness (NYC), and a live performance by Gorgeous Children. Friday, Nov. 7 at 11:55 pm, Palisades in Bushwick; tickets, $6 with RSVP, $10 without

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 
If one night of electronic debauchery ain’t nearly enough, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival also takes over this weekend and it’s happening at events all over, well, Williamsburg of course. You can buy tickets to individual shows for around $15 and up, day passes are $55 a pop, or you can spring for a festival pass which covers everything for $100. Among other notable acts, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist will be taking over Verboten at 7pm tonight. Friday, Nov. 7 through Saturday, Nov. 8 at various venues; tickets, $ vary

Deep Cuts at Cake Shop

Next week, beat the meteorological-bomb blues with a show featuring bands from sunny Texas. Deep Cuts, psych pop with Latin guitar rhythms from Houston, are headlining. B.E. Godfrey brings his “country western murder ballads” to the stage, and local acts Scherzo (synth rock from BK) and slacker psych punks Chimes (the lead singer promises, “When I’m drunk, I will throw up in your mouth”) will bring you back down to NYC- depreche mode. Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 9pm, Cakeshop; tickets, $7 at the door