If you missed Summer of Blood when it played at the Tribeca Film Festival and then again at Northside Festival, here’s one more very festive chance to catch Bushwick filmmaker Onur Tukel’s hilarious, Halloweeny vampire comedy.

The flick is the first to be featured in a new screening series presented by the Independent Filmmaker Project in an effort to promote indie auteurs. In the next months, Tukel, Josephine Decker, Madeleine Olnek, and Paul Harrill will each get a week-long theatrical run at the Made in NY Media Center’s 72-seat screening room in downtown Brooklyn.

sobBut the screening is just part of the fun — during Summer of Blood‘s run, starting October 17, there’ll also be an art show with a tasting of “(bloody) red wine” (Tukel is also a cartoonist with a knack for “very graphic and disturbing and sexually demented” work), and a series of q&as between the director and TROMA president and co-founder Lloyd Kaufman (also the writer-director of The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke ‘Em High), director Larry Fessenden (Habit, Wendigo, The Last Winter), and Sam Zimmerman, managing editor of Fangoria. You can check out the schedule and buy tickets here.

Summer of Blood will also be available on VOD on October 17, but trust us — you’ll want to see it on the big screen. Not only does Alex Karpovsky get some face time (as you can see in the trailer above), but the humor in this flick about a cynical sap who rebounds from a long-term relationship by becoming a blood-lusting lothario is nothing short of, well, mordant.