(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Back in May, Michael Alig, fresh off of 17 years in prison, told us, “I honestly had no idea that there’d be people waiting at the gate when I got out, and that TMZ would be following me through the West Village.” Today we spotted camera crews following him through the East Village as he and club-kid-turned-tv-personality James St. James strolled down Avenue A.

At the corner of East 10th Street, Alig paused to reflect on how wild the neighborhood used to be and said something nostalgic about trash cans (presumably about how the city’s methods of trash collection used to be even worse, if you can imagine it.) Apparently they also filmed on Bedford Avenue and, yes, went to IHOP.


We’re not sure what, exactly, the shoot was for. The duo shot footage for Alig’s YouTube show, and St. James is also set to appear in a forthcoming Alig documentary, Glory Daze, along with Pat Field, Amanda Lapore, Michael Musto, Kenny Kenny, Michael T, and all the other clubland fixtures. According to IMDB, the film is in post-production and due out in 2015.

Sorry, the cameras were rolling so we didn’t get to ask Lord Michael what he’s going to be for Halloween.