Le Fond prepares for its opening. (Photo: Le Fond/)

Le Fond prepares for its opening. (Photo: Le Fond/)

Jake Eberle says Le Fond, the restaurant he’ll open on Norman Avenue tomorrow is casual, like a bistro, but you won’t find the usual renditions of steak frites and coq au vin there.

Instead the menu might offer a rabbit terrine, braised shoulder ribs, and chicken ballotine, i.e. a breast stuffed with something seasonal, like mushroom Duxelles and creamed broccoli. Eberle, previously a chef de cuisine at the Lambs Club in midtown, has a thing for charcuterie, so expect patés — and there will always be a $14 burger and a couple of pasta options.

Entrees ($18 to $25) are driven by the “deep complex flavor” implied by the restaurant’s name — a reference to the French word for the stocks that make up sauces and also to the browned bits scraped from the bottom of the roasting pan.

During his eight years in New York, Eberle, who grew up in Maine, has lived in both Bushwick and now Williamsburg, and he’s excited to be biking to work in Greenpoint. “It’s obviously not undiscovered,” he noted, “but it’s less hectic than Williamsburg” — which was his first choice until he looked at the rents.

With tables made by his dad and art created by a friend, the dining room should be plenty chill as well, though it’ll be livened up by French wine and a Greenpoint Beer & Ale on tap.

Le Fond, 105 Norman Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn; open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner only; brunch coming soon.