(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Retro Bar & Grill. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The Lower East Side isn’t the best neighborhood for drinking on high: even “rooftop” spots like The Delancey, The DL, Hotel Chantelle and Above Allen only rise a couple stories above the ground. But that could change next summer.

The Holiday Inn, which opened at Delancey and Suffolk a little over a year ago, is planning to open a year-round rooftop bar on its ninth floor, Bedford + Bowery has learned.

The rooftop is currently in the design phase but it’ll definitely have a retractable covering, a full bar, and a sectioned-off VIP area, according to Anthony Lugaro, an assistant GM at the hotel.

Retro Bar & Grill.

Retro Bar & Grill.

“They were thinking of adding a jacuzzi but that was scratched,” said Lugaro.

It remains to be determined whether the bar will serve food from the hotel’s basement restaurant, Retro Bar & Grill, which just got a menu makeover from its new management. Instead of hot dogs and burgers, the faux ’50s diner now offers your standard salads, Italian pastas and entrees, and deli sandwiches and wraps.

The idea, says Lugaro, is partly to “get more locals” in. For that, the restaurant may want to tweak its decor (stock photos of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.) as well as its website: right now Bubby’s is recommended as being “right down the street from our hotel.” (Actually, it’s in Tribeca.)

As for the rooftop bar’s opening date? “We’re pushing for next summer,” Lugaro said.