From left, barista Stephanie Griffin and bar manager Ginny Benson. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

The new cafe at Silent Barn has been open for about a week now, and it may look like the same old space we know and love for shows and other events, but there have been some big changes. For one, barista Stephanie Griffin told us, “It’s now legal to drink beer in the yard.”

This changes everything, seriously.

The cafe will be open daily from 4 p.m. and “will basically roll through until showtime,” Griffin explained. Also new are the espresso machine and food menu with sandwiches and other offerings from Silent Barn’s neighbor, Your Way Cafe.

“It’s really still all up in the air,” Griffin explained. Things are pretty chill right now– today there were a couple of people hanging around for a Robin Williams marathon– but more daytime events are on their way.

“There will probably be zine readings, a book club, and more kid-friendly stuff during the day, too,” Griffin said. And though the cafe offers the same beer and wine selection Silent Barn has always had, Griffin said they anticipate a full bar in the future.

The cafe hasn’t spread the word far and wide just yet, but their gate is wide open and they’re definitely open for business while they put the finishing touches on the setup.

Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Ave, bet. Meserole and Jefferson, Bushwick; (800) 628-7666