When Jay Larson and Sean Patton hit up Brooklyn last spring to film this week’s episode of Best Bars in America, they brought Williamsburg’s resident comedian Hannibal Buress along for part of the ride.

During the episode that airs on the Esquire Network at 10 p.m. tonight, the guys visit Maison Premiere in Williamsburg to sample absinthe and oysters, Clover Club in Cobble Hill to catch up with Janeane Garofalo, Bushwick Country Club to play putt-putt and tangle with a stray cat, Cobra Club in Bushwick to test their inner yogis with hangover yoga and bloodies, and Tørst in Greenpoint to sample some of the craft beer bar’s 21 brews.

On the last stop of their visit, they meet up with Buress for a round of shots at Floyd, where the comic’s bocce method earns him a loud jeer from the crowd of scarf-wearing men. “I got booed like Michael Vick at a PETA event!” he says indignantly.

Watch the clip above to see Buress strolling through Greenpoint and getting excited about the “pillow fight dome” at a “BYOP” party he’s going to later that night.