Brando_Skyhorse_thumbnailSince we spoke to him last month, our buddy Brando Skyhorse hit the LA Times bestseller list and picked up a nice plug in the New York Times Book Review. But it’s the Washington Post review you should go read — because it originally described him as a three-year-old bandit.

The rave about Take This Man initially quoted the memoir’s author as saying that at age three, “I became Paul Skyhorse Johnson, an American Indian activist incarcerated for armed robbery.” Which would really be memoir material. Except the correct quote is: “I became the son of Paul Skyhorse Johnson,” who was convicted of stealing firearms. Hence this awkward correction:

An earlier version of this review incorrectly described Brando Skyhorse as an “American Indian activist, incarcerated for armed robbery.” That is, in fact, a description of the author’s stepfather Paul Skyhorse Johnson.

Good thing that’s cleared up. Now you can hear him read at Jimmy’s No. 43 tonight without worrying that he’ll pull a gun. As part of the Guerrilla Lit Reading Series, he’ll appear in the bar’s back room at 7:30 p.m. along with fellow novelists Karen Heuler and Tejas Desai.