Back when The Times triggered laments of “RIP LES” by reporting that Clayton Patterson was leaving the neighborhood for the Austrian Alps, we knew we wouldn’t be seeing the last of the legendary documentarian — and he told us as much. So it’s no surprise to hear that Patterson is teaming up with DAMEHT — the band that put on his farewell exhibit, “The $16 Dollar Burger Show” — for a show at Pyramid Club this Friday.

Just as Bowery Electric has been offering residencies to artists (last month it was Les Racquet, this month Jody Porter of Fountains of Wayne is in the house) the Pyramid Club has given DAMEHT a Friday night residency. Which seems a fitting place for punk/prog rockers who refer to their shows as “ceremonies.”

Kate Litvinov, whose partner is in the band, tells us “DAMEHT’s set will involve horn players and the band walking out onto Avenue A with the crowd in toe so one shall hope there will be no arrests for disturbing the peace but if there are, Clayton will be there to document the tomfoolery.”

Joining the fray on Friday will be Honduras, a band we know well, and electro act The Black Soft, another artsy concept band that’s trying to keep the downtown dream alive (fashion-forward, goth-punk creators Chase Coughlin and Joseph Topmiller used to work at East Village restaurant Exchange Alley).

In the lead-up to their residency, DAMEHT has been posting some of Patterson’s old footage of the Pyramid Club (where he filmed drag queens and hardcore acts) and the East Village in the Tompkins Square Park Riot days. Some are embedded here (you’ll have to be logged into FB to see them) and there are more on the band’s Facebook page.