The cover to Sonic Youth’s Goo is a bit of a fetish object — it’s even spawned parodies featuring everyone from George Bluth to Walter White. If you, like me, have owned it in cassette, CD, vinyl and Spotify thumbnail format, then you’ll be excited to hear that Kim Gordon, of the band, is chatting with the illustrator of the cover (and, of course, of so many Black Flag album covers) at The Strand.

If you missed Raymond Pettibon’s exhibition of surfer paintings back in April, this is yet another chance to enter his warped pop-art world: the Venice, Calif.-based illustrator has just published a new book, Raymond Pettibon: To Wit, that documents his time as a sort of artist in residence at the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea, and reproduces many of the drawings and paintings — of icons like Bob Dylan, Joe DiMaggio, and Bazooka Joe — that he created for an exhibition there last summer.

The book contains an interview with Kim Gordon, and the two will reprise their talk live in the Strand’s Rare Book Room on June 25, at 7 p.m. You’ll just have to of the book or a $20 Strand gift card in order to attend.