(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

You guessed it: a Dunkin’ Donuts is opening in the former home of Norman’s Sound & Vision, the record store that moved from Cooper Square to Williamsburg after a rent hike.

We noticed the telltale Dunkin’ door handle while grabbing breakfast next-door at Cafe Zaiya, where we will continue to grab breakfast after the Dunkin’ opens (in a couple of weeks — “maybe not even,” according to a worker on the scene). After all, not only does Zaiya offer donuts and coffee, but they occasionally sell a “cheese dome,” which is exactly what it sounds like: sweet cheese inside of a baked bun. It is awesome. As is the tuna melt inside of a bun.

Norman’s, which had been open for 18 years, was one of several East Village record stores to go out of business around the same time: Big City Records, Rockit Scientist Records, Tropicalia in Furs and (a little further west) Bleecker Bob’s all bit the bullet, and now Kim’s is shuttering as well.

The space at 67 Cooper Square sat vacant for about two years before Dunkin’ did its plunkin’.

We admit, we were perversely tempted to try the chain’s new cookie dough coffee, but this is a total appetite killer.