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So you’ve clicked on everything over at The Onion’s newly launched site, ClickHole, and you’re looking for yet more pernicious parody? Allow us to recommend The Burning Bush, “Bushwick’s Least Reliable News Source.”

Launched a few months ago by Genna Rivieccio and Nicole Benson, who were hanging in Bushwick way back in the day when you “could roam the streets toward the Pine Box without a worry,” the site aims to show “reverence for what Bushwick represented once upon a time, by making total fun of what it is now.”

Like a hyperlocal version of The Onion, Rivieccio and Benson report “news” that is just ridiculous enough to seem made up, though one never knows: in a world where a juice cleanse spot actually replaces Gray’s Papaya, it’s perfectly possible that a Duane Reade could replace Brooklyn’s Natural (though it’s unlikely DR would “offer a consignment section for art and clothes”). And in a world where French foodie fest Le Fooding is actually coming to Rockaway Beach, why wouldn’t Pumps open a pop-up strip club there?

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