Regulars wait eagerly for the grand reopening. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Regulars wait eagerly for the grand reopening. (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Coyote Ugly hosted its grand reopening on Wednesday night after the bar closed its doors last Tuesday for renovations.

In case you live under a rock, yes, women actually dance on the bar at this establishment. Heaven help us. I know at least a few counties in the Midwest where this licentious practice and the gateway drug alcohol are banned. But judging by the crowd gathering outside that evening, the bar is clearly beloved by many local regulars.

The grand re-opening party– “Back to the Future”– was set to begin at 5pm sharp, but at 6pm workers were still packing up and bartop dancers were furiously wiping sawdust off the windows.

One man whistled as a bartender clad in a microscopic skirt and tall stockings zoomed out the door and into the basement. He then peeked through the window to see what the holdup was. He peered downward near the entrance. “They actually fixed the hole in the floor!”

A man in a Motorhead shirt looked slightly impatient, while another read the Post and looked at his watch. “Don’t worry, happy hour’s from 6 to 9 now,” the man in the Motorhead shirt assured everyone.

“Wait till you see the bathroom, your ears will fall off your head!” another fellow exclaimed.

“We do have new bathrooms, and please mention them because they were disgusting before,” General Manager Tahnee Morris told B+B today. This reporter waited for quite some time on Wednesday for the bar to open, but apparently missed it by a hair. Though we trust the loyal regulars had fun.



Wowzers! This place is sparkling!


Today we finally got a chance to poke around the place, and, yes the bathrooms are truly impressive. The floors have been rebuffed and brought down from two levels to one. The walls are freshly painted blood red and the bar itself is brand new as well. Though the place is still a little dusty and workers were still milling about this afternoon (we can’t imagine why on earth they might want to linger), the renovations are almost complete.

Coyote4It appears there’s even a backyard in the works. Morris said a patio hangout spot might become a reality later in the summer, though first she has to find a tent.

But don’t worry, the bartenders are just as friendly as ever and the same photos of the beaming dancers hang on the walls. Don’t ever change, Coyote ladies.