No, a bizarre pageant of fire-breathing carnies isn’t descending on Brooklyn… well, not exactly. See, there’s this company called MassBliss, and they advocate breathing. Seriously.

MassBliss is a new-age organization that’s put together a string of “Breathing Booths” across Brooklyn and the Bronx on July 12. Co-founder Adam Belcher told B+B, “Basically, the MassBliss Breathing Booth plants the flag in the ground and says presence is present. Does that help at all?” Sure…

OK, it’s easy to poke fun at an event like this, but it does have some cool stuff going for it. And did we mention it’s free?

On the Saturday in question, MassBliss will set up a 10-foot by 10-foot tent, er, “booth” in the middle of Grand Ferry Park on the waterfront in Williamsburg. They’ll also have booths in Prospect Park and Barretto Point Park in the Bronx, but let’s stick with the Williamsburg one: surrounding it, there’ll be events like yoga, tango, and stilt classes; Capoeira, a Brazilian kick/dance, which is more dance than kick, for those of you who lack the eye-hand coordination of a World Cup soccer player; music from Space Monkey Mafia and DecaDence; and master puppeteer Michael Kane, whose work you saw in the video above, presenting his show “The Carnival Barker.”

After all the fun at the park ends at 7 p.m., head over to Havemeyer Park for the Breathing Booth Bash, hosted by North Brooklyn Farms. They’ll have all kinds of sustainable food for you to mow on. And at the end of a long, weird day, just remember that you can, in fact, breathe without a booth.