Yesterday Patti Smith and James Franco took Rockaway back to the time of Walt Whitman and today Boardwalk Empire advanced it to the Prohibition era.

The HBO show filmed on a stretch of Far Rockaway boardwalk, from about 32nd Street to 35th Street, that’s been outfitted with a faux general store, hotel, shooting gallery, and praline stand. And behind it, a big top with banners advertising “Creatures From the Sea,” “Poseidon’s Eerie Kingdom,” “Monsters of the Deep,” and more. If you enjoyed the show’s visits to the East Village, cick through the slideshow to see some more postcard-ready details from the days of yore: a mobile nut roaster, an old-fashioned rickshaw, a conestoga wagon, and a young chap who, during the shot we saw filmed, frolicked in the sand with a medicine ball.

You can see more beach scenes in the teaser that dropped yesterday. The fifth and final season premieres in September.