OPN-EARTH-1Add this to your list of outdoor dance parties (Tiki Disco, Summer Thunder, etc.). As if becoming record moguls wasn’t enough, the folks at Bushwick’s Bossa Nova Civic Club have launched a series of summer parties called Open Earth.

The first party, on June 29, will be at Todd P’s new venue, Trans-Pecos. It starts with DJs outdoors and indoors at 2 p.m.: Marcos Cabral, who DJed our own Bedford + Bowery Bazaar last summer, kicks off the outdoor festivities, which go till 7:30 p.m. (the indoor portion runs later).

John Barclay of Bossa Nova tells us Red Lantern will do the food, and there’ll be someone working a grill. Confirmed for future installments — July 13, August 10, and August 24 — are Jacques Renault, Mike Simonetti, and Tim Sweeney of Beats in Space.

Here’s the lineup for Sunday’s party.

OUTSIDE: 2:00-7:30pm
Marcos Cabral (2:00-3:30)
Analog Soul (3:30-5:30)
Maxmillion Dunbar (5:30-7:30)

Lumigraph (2:00-4:00)
Patricia LIVE (4:00-5:30)
Lorna Dune (5:30-7:30)
Huerco S. (7:30-9:30)