North Brooklyn Farms, an urban farm and community park just across the street from the former Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg, announced plans this week to begin a Kickstarter campaign.

According to the Greenpoint Gazette, the farm’s lease expires this August, and though there’s the potential for an extension, the guys in charge, Ryan Watson and Henry Sweets, aren’t taking any chances. They hope the Kickstarter campaign will fund the farm’s remaining time at its current location and ensure a smooth transition should the lease not be renewable come August.

In a video for the Kickstarter campaign, the farm’s founders say they grew over 1,000 pounds of produce in their first season and now want to expand “into vacant lots all throughout New York City,” feeding a thousand people this summer (through Sunday suppers), doubling production, expanding staffing, and educating thousands of schoolkids. They also want to build a greenhouse.

Watch our video, filmed in March, for more about the farm.

Video by Kate Beaudoin, Erin Haggerty, Jessie Mooney, and Kara Stiles