The music video for “Dreams Come False,” by A Man of Ideas, follows the journey of a young woman as she falls in love with a shadow. Michael Leviton co-wrote the script alongside directing duo Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick (also known as Peking). “We took making a music video as a rare opportunity to write a silent movie,” Leviton told Bedford + Bowery.

A Man of Ideas is Leviton’s latest musical project and consists of women singing his songs accompanied by a ten-piece orchestra. The name of the band is a nod to Sherwood Anderson’s short story about “a man addicted to expressing his eccentric ideas regardless of whether others want to listen,” Leviton says.

Leviton, a Williamsburg resident, is also an accomplished children’s book author, which is obvious from the childlike innocence of the video, as well as in the song’s vocals. “I love singers that sound like Muppets,” stated Leviton. “The singing on A Man of Ideas is definitely Muppet-esque.” Aerial East contributes vocals to the majority of the tracks on Man of Ideas, Volume 1 (including “Dreams come false”), with cameos by Hannah Cohen and Charlotte Royer.

Though playful in parts, the plot of the video is nothing short of heartbreaking: a girl (played by Julia Morrison) is courted by a shadow, leading the viewer to question if her dream man is just that: a dream. The video’s eeriness parallels its setting. It was filmed in one, all-night shoot at Kutsher’s Resort, in the Catskills. “Fifty years ago, it was the fanciest resort,” Michael explained. “But now it’s crumbling.” For those longing for a tragic love story, “Dreams come false” is a dream come true.