Last year Bread for the Eater — the new one from Din Yates of Cheeky Sandwich Shop on the Lower East Side — debuted in Greenpoint only to quickly and mysteriously shutter its doors.

Ever since then Greenpointers have been wondering what happened, and whether the bakery-restaurant will ever bring back its fresh baked bread? Yates tells us that after his business partner pulled out from the restaurant he felt stretched too thin and couldn’t handle running both spots at once by himself. But Bread For the Eater will live in on in some form, he assured us. “It’s not closed forever,” he said. “Just for now or until time permits for a healthier existence.”

For now, the model/restaurateur keeps doing what he does best (well, besides, arguably, modeling): cooking up a storm of sandwiches. “Being back at the shop gives me a fresh look at things, seeing the fun in the restaurant world,” he said. “It’s my little playground and everyone contributes to the fun.”

Until we hear more word of Bread for the Eater, check out the above video of Yates in his shop.

Video by Kavitha Surana, Avi Asher-Schapiro, Niels Huby, and Kuang Keng Kuer Sek