0C56BD7A-19D5-40FD-93FA-DC92175143F7Ivan Ramen isn’t the only thing coming to Clinton Street that lovers of Japanese food have reason to be excited about. On May 4, less than a week before Ivan Orkin opens his spot, a new izakaya will open just a block away.

According to the press release, Azasu — from the owners of Yopparai, the hidden sake bar on Rivington Street — is all about “small plates accompanied by stiff drinks, in a relaxed environment.” And they’ll be serving our favorite: takoyaki.

The menu will be divided into eight categories: “Gyoza,” “Fried” (e.g. chicken karaage), “Hot” (e.g. Japanese poutine), “Cold” (e.g. creamy potato salad and spicy egg salad), “Nanban,” “Rice & Noodles,” “Curry & Rice,” and “Sandwiches” (of panko-crusted potato croquettes, deep-fried ham, and the like).

For dessert, there’ll be soft-serve ice cream and toast topped with sweet red beans.

The restaurant claims it’ll have the widest variety of cup sake (the kind found in vending machines throughout Tokyo) and sochu cocktails, served frozen in a beer mug chilled to 27 degrees. All of which should help lend a communal atmosphere to the communal tables.

Azasu, 49 Clinton Street (between Stanton and Rivington); (212) 777-7069