St. Marks Place lost a prime peoplewatching spot when Japadog closed recently, but now it’s gained another place for freakspotting: Kung Fu Tea, the Taiwanese bubble tea chain, has opened another East Village outpost at 28 St. Marks — and this one has sidewalk seating.

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

The block that already has TKettle, Coco Tea, and Spot Dessert Bar didn’t exactly need more bubble tea, but whatever: here you can get your tea, slush or “milk strike” [sic] mixed with herbal jelly or red bean, and you can request specific ice and sugar levels. The menu (click on photo at bottom) recommends Wow Milk, by the way.


Elsewhere on St. Marks, NY Tofu House has closed “for renovation,” according to a note on the door. The restaurant fought nobly to lure in customers, grilling on the sidewalk and handing out samples months and months after it opened back in late 2011. But it looks like something else is in store for the hallowed ground that once housed Kim’s Video.