Tomorrow our wildest dreams will be fulfilled when New York City’s first cat cafe comes to the Bowery (Gothamist “scooped” us on the preview shots). If you’re as psyched as we are, well then you might want to get even more psyched by attending House of Screwball’s “CATACLYSM!” tonight.

Crimson Kitty, a female-to-female performer who bills herself as the “Crazy Cat Lady of Drag,” will be hosting this “colorful explosion of cats and pussy power.” The trippy teaser above should give you some idea of what to expect from the show: from what we can tell, performance artists who’ve also been featured in Matthew Silver’s Circus of Dreams, Body Actualized’s Tarot Society, the Bushwick Va Va Variety Show at Goodbye Blue Monday, and the New York Boylesque Festival will be playing some very frisky felines. The headliner: Rumi Missabu from the legendary San Francisco-based troupe, The Cockettes.

Producer Darcey Leonard promises “games and prizes, cats, kittens and a lil old puppy dog,” plus “kisses and ??? to anyone that dresses as a cat.”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry — it’ll be better than a cat cafe! For event info, look no further than the awesome flyer: