Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has a message for predatory landlords: Watch out.

In a conversation with reporters today, Adams announced a new initiative to go after landlords who try to force out longtime tenants through harassment, unfairly raising rents, or failing to provide basic services. Adams said he had met with Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson on Tuesday to discuss how they could better prosecute those “who are abusing housing laws” and “doing it with impunity,” including in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick.

Landlord harassment has been a topic of some discussion lately.

But Adams also said he didn’t think that longtime tenants should be prioritized over new ones. “Those who want to have us hold on to the communities that only look a certain way, I don’t subscribe to that theory,” said Adams. “One day [they’re] a gentrifier; the next day it’s someone who’s complaining of another group coming in.”

Adams said he especially welcomed new tenants who will bring technology to North Brooklyn, including Kickstarter, which is celebrating its move from Manhattan to Greenpoint with a block party.

“Brooklyn is going to evolve, and I hope it continues to evolve,” he said. “Just be a part of the community and don’t consider yourself someone who’s going to displace the community.”