Last time we checked in with roving rave producers BangOn, they were blowing up a reproduction of the Titanic and using it as an inflatable slide. This time, they went with an Easter Island theme for a rager that started on Holy Saturday and went past sunrise on Easter Sunday (aka “4/20”).

The rave occupied a massive East Williamsburg warehouse where movie trailers and golf carts were stored; in the center of the sprawling dancefloor was Thunder Gumbo’s Burning Man art car — a massive army truck transformed into a bilevel viewing platform for erupting fireballs, video projections, and a monolithic moai with glowing eyes. Oh, and there was a bouncy castle.

We took the above photos shortly after 4 a.m., when Yentalbeats and The Golden Pony were hypnotizing the main room and Subset was rocking the tiny tent of a side room.