It’s #MrTBT – our local retro connoisseur’s favorite day of the week.

This week, Mr. Throwback has handpicked an item that any kid who grew up in the 90s surely recognizes: Pogs.

Part game, part inherently worthless collectable, Pogs are small, circular discs, often emblazoned with suitable throwback characters from your favorite movie, television show or sports team. The name “Pog” comes from a juice brand, which offered a tropical beverage from passionfruits, oranges and guavas. Gamers used the bottle caps to play Pogs before some clever/greedy folks found a way to monetize it.

IMPORTANT: Before playing Pogs, it is absolutely vital that players determine whether or not they are playing “for keeps.”

Now, let’s see what Mr. Throwback has to say about Pogs.

Let’s take it back to 1994, I’m in 8th grade at Grand Ave Junior High in Bellmore, New York and I see the two baddest kids in my grade smoking cigarettes and stacking up these disc-shaped objects and smacking them with another, heavier disc-shaped object … Total mind blown – like pooofff.

I’m hooked!!!  I need what they have (not the cigarettes) but that game there playing and going nuts over.

I actually had the courage to say, “Hey! What are you guys doing?! What is this insane game you’re going nuts over!


I’m like, “How do you play?” Literally you just stack these disks upside down and you slam this other giant disk against them and if they flip over to the pictured side you get to keep them.


I collected Michael Jordan Pogs and I still have them in their original packaging! I’m a hoarder.

Michael Jordan Pogs in Original Packaging (Photo: Mr. Throwback)

Michael Jordan Pogs in Original Packaging (Photo: Mr. Throwback)

Another amazing thing: My Bar Mitzvah rolls around and I’m so obsessed with Pogs and trading cards that my parents hired a Sports Memorabilia Guy to come and set up a table during cocktail hour. All my friends could buy cards, Pogs and posters… But what 13-year-old boy (or man, depending on whether they’ve already had their own Bar Mitzvah or not) brings money to Bar Mitzvah?

Solution: Michael Money.

The guy photo-shopped my face onto money so kids could use Mike Money instead!

The guy – who was also named Mike – also gave me a gift at the end of the night. Guess what that was… A giant Fake Gold Slammer!!!

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