Get a load of this story: The most promising college basketball recruit of his time gets nabbed for buying crack cocaine, then later gets shot in the chest THREE TIMES while attempting to buy more crack and still, after overcoming his addiction to crack, somehow makes it to the NBA.

This is the true story of Lloyd “Swee’ Pea” Daniels, an NYC basketball phenomenon, which is told in Benjamin May and Daniel B. Levin’s new documentary, The Legend of Swee’ Pea. (You may remember Levin’s last film, Captured, which we screened at the B+B Newsroom).

It is the portrait documentary of any storyteller’s wildest fantasies, complete with emotionally charged interviews, powerful archive footage and, ultimately, redemption for its unlikely hero. The talented fellows behind this doc, which is two years in the making, need a little help getting it finished. Here’s the Kickstarter for The Legend of Swee’ Pea – we urge you to check it out.