Welcome to Girls Talk, in which two of our favorite New Yorkers share the text messages they sent during this week’s episode of Girls.

Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

Mark Schafer/Courtesy of HBO

A lot happened in the Girls universe recently: Lena Dunham hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and announced the pub date for her book, Adam Driver was reportedly cast as the next Star Wars foe, Allison Williams got engaged, and Jemima Kirke has a four-page photo spread in the current issue of New York. Because Hannah spent most of the last episode with family, it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen the gang.

AllisonSelfieThe text in gray belongs to Clinton Hill’s Allison Kave, founder of First Prize Pies. Tomorrow night at Nitehawk Cinema is the release party for her first cookbook, First Prize Pies: Shoo-Fly, Candy Apple, and Other Deliciously Inventive Pies for Every Week of the Year (and More).

KeavySelfieThe text in blue belongs to Kumquat Cupcakery founder Keavy Landreth, who lives in Crown Heights. That’s where she and Kave will open Butter & Scotch — “Brooklyn’s first dessert and cocktail bar” — this summer. Until then, you can purchase their treats at Smorgasburg and stores citywide.

Episode 10: “Role-Play”
Hannah hits up happy hour with her co-workers.


Arriving home the next morning, she’s a little sad to find that Adam hasn’t been worrying about her whereabouts.

Marnie’s frenemie, Soojin, offers her a job as Soojin’s assistant at the new gallery.


Marnie shows Desi her notebook of song lyrics, and he praises her talent and improvises a tune about a beautiful girl (who is not Marnie).


Over at Shoshanna’s, Jessa and Jasper are in a druggie stupor. When Jasper leaves the room, Jessa calls him pathetic, telling Shoshanna that he has a daughter living in the city who he doesn’t have the balls to call.


Hannah has been invited to watch Adam’s dress rehearsal, but the director kicks her out. So she calls Elijah for an afternoon playdate of eating Mexican food in bed. Hannah decides that she needs to take some sort of drastic measure to liven up her love life.

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Jasper and Jessa meet Shoshanna at a restaurant, where she’s got a terrible surprise:


Well those were bad, but not as inviting along Jasper’s abandoned daughter, Dot.

Adam gets his own shock when Hannah meets him wearing a blonde wig, pretending to be the wife of a hedge fund manager. He calls her a “married slut,” and Hannah douses him with a drink and runs outside. They keep up their faux fight, and when Hannah cries for help, Adam gets punched by a well-intentioned stranger.


Back at the restaurant, Jessa tries make Dot forget about starting anew with Jasper.


Hannah has borrowed Marnie’s apartment to continue her ruse. She strips down to a a strappy black garment that’s a mash-up between a unitard and crotchless underwear. During sex, Hannah kills the mood when she starts calling herself a cheerleader and Adam the “school weirdo.”


This time, their argument is real. Adam can’t handle Hannah’s histrionics so close to the opening of his show, and he tells her he’ll be staying with Ray for a while.


Check back next Monday when we’ll have show critiques from two new Girls Talkers!