1902940_10153861171425192_1724211845_nFor those of you preparing for the spoken word romances of our dystopian future society a la Spike Jonze’s Her, we’ve got two Valentine’s Day happenings you don’t need a physical body to enjoy.

First, from 7 to 9 p.m. at 384 Broome Street, The Poetry Brothel is offering what its very own iteration of the “quickie,” in which you get to sidle up beside the “Poetry Whore” of your choosing and bask in 15 minutes worth of his or her sweet, sweet spoken words. In this case, physical existence doesn’t hurt the experience, as there are calligraphist body painters present to leave you with a parting gift.

Afterwards, at 8 p.m., nip over to American Two Shot at 135 Grand Street, where Adult Magazine is hosting an evening of erotic readings entitled Safe Word. Readings will include excerpts from James Joyce’s dirty letters, selections from the M4T section on Craigslist and a resurrection of a 10-year-old MSN Messenger chat (the participant had just purchased a webcam).