ScreechAs Mr. Belding might’ve said, what is going on here?

First Bayside! The Musical! — the raunchy Saved by the Bell parody playing at Theatre 80 on St. Marks Place — got a cameo from the actor who played Belding, and now they’ve one-upped themselves by roping in Dustin Diamond, who, of course, played Screech. Yes, the Screech who finished fifth in an ALF lookalike contest.

Diamond dawg should feel right at home amid the musical’s barrage of jokes about pill popping and prostitution — after all, he starred in a sex tape (though he swears he used a stunt double) and penned a tell-all about his fellow cast members smoking weed. After being excluded from the SBTB reunion, this has got to feel good. Maybe?

Anyway, he’ll be featured in the March 27, 28, and 29 performances. Tix here.