Watch the above video and meet the regulars at Peter Pan Donut in Greenpoint. [via Eater]

And then meet the woman who makes all of Veselka‘s 100-gallon batches of borscht. [New Yorker]

A Bushwick pet store remains open even though its its owner was arrested for his alleged involvement in a cockfighting ring. [NY Daily News]

A memorial has been planned for the MTA bus driver with Lower East Side ties who was killed in an accident last week. [The Lo-Down]

After the Winter Antifolk Festival, Somer Bingham of Clinical Trials (who you may have seen on The L Word) will take over booking at Sidewalk Cafe. [American Songwriter]

Gifs made from Google Maps show new buildings going up in North Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan. [Vacated]

Here’s a map of Brooklyn’s townhouse boom. [Curbed]

An artist is blending themed smoothies for a new installation. The “Williamsburg” brew is made from kale chips, Kombucha and an American Apparel T-shirt. [Gallerist]

A “sound + photography installation” opens at Milk & Roses in Greenpoint. [Free Williamsburg]

The team behind Radegast Hall is opening a Flemish “gastro brasserie” in Williamsburg. [Grub Street]

Buff Monster, the street artists who’s ice cream monsters you may have seen in Williamsburg, is a mint chip man. [Greenpointers]

Pete Wells bestows a single star on Mission Cantina. [NY Times]

Enjoy recipes for the split pea soup and the Speckenwolf pizza at Roberta’s. [Edible, Serious Eats]